Grainge and Hodder 4ft Traverser

I purchased this kit before Xmas last year for a proposed project option for a fiddle yard. As I have no workshop as such I had to wait for the better weather to make it on our picnic bench (my outside work bench).

I found the kit quite easy to make, although I thought the instructions a bit lacking. It was about a days work which included some ‘glue drying breaks’ and the results are excellent. The laser cut system really works and the ‘runners’ are really top notch.

I modified the traverser with ‘stops’ to ensure better line ups.

These single units can be doubled up to make bigger units of  6, 7 or 8 feet.







I have been playing around with both O and OO track to see what possibilities were  available. I will post some photos and comments over the next few days.

The Cork is not included in the kit.

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