Traverser Options – O Gauge

I have done a few tests on the use of the new traverser. I have split them into two different posts as both are still options for me although they have different issues.

Firstly O Gauge observations. This is all based on traverser size 400 x 1200 useable deck.

Will hold four tracks:-


Above –Single track option ensuring all track accessible.


Above — Double track option ensuring all track accessible – both in and out.

What is the capacity?


Above — Should hold 2 x suburban coaches and large tank — 6 x four wheel wagons and small tank.

You will note that there is a space at the front of the traverser that could possibly hold another track – but this would not allow access in and out – just out only, and this was not my criteria.

I feel that I could add a scenic extra board to the standard 400 x 1200 base boards of about 100mm or so. This would push the track into a more central position.






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