Six Inch extension to the Traverser.

Well, its been quite a day, I turned the four inch extension into a six inch one. I then glued the extension to the traverser, thankfully it worked well. This was first thing this morning and after it was all dry I still had plenty of time left to do some track laying. Out came the gauges to ensure all was equally spaced and track laying commenced.

Below are some photographs of my attempts, the track is lightly pinned so that adjustments can be made, the track will ultimately be glued down when I am 100% happy!IMG_1692







Very happy with the outcome ——–but I have an idea to add another extension to the other end – This is a far more difficult proposition as it needs to be extremely precise.

I have also encountered a possible balance problem when the deck is fully extended – some lead ballast in the base may be necessary.



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