Traverser Final Amendments.

As I said on the post before this one, I had an idea to increase the length on the other end of the deck. I worked out how I was going to approach it, but discretion being the better of valour, I shelved the project!

The other concern I had was the balance when the deck was totally extended outwards. This I managed to sort by lessening the travel of the deck – I added another point to the innermost two tracks – see photo’s below.

I have made all the bolts and loops for the locking/electric contact system. I have also added the male and female baseboard joiners to the traverser and the first scenic board.

I have also soldered copper clad sleepers to the ends of all tracks for protection.










None of the Bolts and Loops are Screwed and/or glued yet – they need drilling and a handle added.


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  1. That’s looking good Kelvin, Looks like you use the same board joining method as me.

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