Traverser Bolts and loops added

Today has been spent adding the bolts and loops to allow access to all storage on the traverser deck. I also added some track on the first of the two 6′ scenic boards.

I think you will get the idea of what the two track main line will look like. I have taken this option because I wanted to simply show trains running in the country, no station, yard or anything else. This is what 80% of our real railways look like and it is seldom modelled.  I am however considering making a loop on both the up and down lines. These loops will give the viewers at Exhibitions something to see all the while, instead of empty tracks.  It is also potentially two extra storage tracks, only in view of everyone.

The second traverser is not due for another six weeks so the two 6′ scenic sections will be worked on, after a decision on the loops is made. I have many thoughts on what I would like to see on the boards and planning will continue.












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