Making a river on new OO layout

I have managed to take photos of the methods taken to make a river. Firstly I need to say, I used this method as I wanted to add to the integrity of the baseboard. Polystyrene would be my preferred method, but that would not enhance the strength of the baseboard. Before cutting the river shape out of the baseboard, I re-enforced the lowest level with 2″ x 1″ softwood, this will be the main strength of the baseboard after cutting. I then cut the river shape and added the river base.



The next thing I did was to cut stout cardboard to form the inner banks. I then made some templates to the actual formers. After that I added re-enforcing strips between the formers.







After letting the whole thing dry overnight, I stuffed the spacers with newspaper. Finally I added a coating of ‘polyfilla’. After leaving overnight again, I smoothed the whole area down with a small file and sandpaper,  after vacuuming and cleaning up I applied a coat of brown emulsion paint.






I now feel comfortable with the strength of the baseboard. But again I will say that lighter materials will be used to form other undulations on the boards.


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