OO Scenic Sections joined and Engine Run.

Well quite a lot of work done on the scenic boards of the new OO layout. The backboards were undercoated, it was electrically joined and the last bit of track was glued down and copper clad sleepers added on the end.

I cleaned all the track, and then run an 08 shunter on both lines and tested the whole tracked area.

While I want the layout to be very rural with very few buildings etc. I do want a focus and thought that a farm would be nice without breaking my overall aim of ‘running trains through the countryside’ . I have a lot of farm buildings that I was given when I helped break up a layout for a friend, and they were found and placed on the layout for assessment. I am not totally convinced about the buildings but planning things is still in the early stages.










Things will slow down a bit now as the second traverser is still three weeks away !!

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