And then there was three.

Taking advantage of the warm weather and the non arrival of some bits I am waiting for to continue the OO scenic layout.

I had three 4′ x 15″ laser cut baseboards, I also had three small fiddle yards in kit form. The fiddle yards (sector plates) were made up and attached to the already made baseboards. I have experimented with the lengths of the fiddle yard sector plates by adding extra pieces onto the original kit item supplied.

This is not the first time I have used this method to make small layouts, and an earlier post shows how I did the conversions.

Two of the three layouts still have options to have another ‘bolt on’ baseboard added so that the scenic area could be doubled. One has had backboards added already and will remain this size.

The baseboards are from Grainge and Hodder.

The Fiddle Yards are from Norfolk Heathworks.

I have no real quick plans for these layouts except to say, one will be OO, one will be HO and one will be O gauge.  I hope to start at least one layout during the Autumn.