Glorious Network Southeast

When they first came out I decided I would not be buying a Class 50 in O Gauge. I would have loved a 50, as built in the late 60’s, as this is my favoured era, but this was not a Heljan option.  My Son does run the period 89- 94 on a layout I built for him, it is called Ashwell Moor and can be viewed on previous posts.

After much consideration and a little prompting, I took the plunge and purchased one in Revised NSE livery. I decided to do one of the ‘railtour’ locos especially kept for this purpose, so Glorious it was.

I used Railtec transfers to number and brand the loco. I also replaced the O/H warning flashes and the Multi Working Coding.





The Loco will be lightly weathered at a later date.


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