OO Layout – Ponds, Bridge and Embankments

Very busy day, taking advantage of the good weather. My ‘Hot Wire’ implement and the Polystyrene turned up yesterday so I was itching to have a go. I have to say it worked very well and I enjoyed using it – plenty of potential.

Lots of various embankments made, some small and one section larger to encompass a bridge. I recommend plenty of trial fitting and slow and careful is the best method. I used a selection of depths of polystyrene, but mainly 100mm and 25mm.

I used the 100mm to form the embankment for the road adding some 3mm MDF to form the actual bridge.

Last but not least I made two wildlife ponds quite close together. I drilled some pilot holes and then went around my outline with a jig saw. Baseboard cross bars were noted before doing anything – so no damage to the strength of the layout.

I now need to pull all the various parts together with a bit of poly-filla, first job for tomorrow, our last good weather day for a while!