OO Layout – Dew Pond and more animals.

Another busy day, yesterday I finished off the dew pond and added some more cows to the field including some calves. I also found some more horses, so they have been added to their field. Two swans have appeared on the river, more birds will be added in the ‘wildlife’ section of the second baseboard.

I have added some more grass and shrubs alongside the railway fences and have added some longer grass clumps on the field beside the ‘crops’ field. In fact using some of the materials from my poor attempt at the crops field. I am still experimenting with different crops, but nothing I am happy with yet.

I have also darkened the farmyard surface by painting it with matt varnish, now blends a bit better I think.






Must sort out the crop field, add some more people and then get on with the second baseboard. Still no name either!