Dapol Sentinal Weathered.

This is an O Gauge Sentinal purchased by my Son direct from the Dapol NQP sale. It cost just £100 and the only problem was a missing part that was easily replaced and it ran very well.

After renumbering it as shown in a previous post, I decided that this loco would be my first weathering since Self Isolating back in early March.

I have done this post a bit different from my usual ones in that more close up photos of the weathering is shown.








If anybody wants further info on how I achieved any of the effects – I will explain further.


4 thoughts on “Dapol Sentinal Weathered.

  1. That looks great Kelvin. I’d like to know how you weathered it. I’ve got a 4mm Sentinal and I would like to weather that so it would be good to get some ideas.

    • Steve – I use four colours – ‘Railmatch Frame Dirt’ ‘Railmatch Brake Dust’ ‘Railmatch Roof Dirt’ and finally Humbrol Matt Black. With weathering its about what you take off paint wise as well as what you put on. I always use an airbrush mainly but a little bit of dry brushing. After spraying I use an old cotton cloth with a bit of white spirit to gently remove paint in a downwards movement until I am happy with what looks like spills and paint loss. Dry brushing any water spills with a stiff but softish brush – very lightly with a mid grey – not white.. I also enhance the springs with a dark rust colour, usually mixed up myself. I use Gloss varnish to dry brush the tops of the real coal – 50% matt – 50% gloss. Also a little around any tank filling spills.
      Hope that helps
      Kelvin B

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