Two Bachmann Brass J94’s Weathered

These two Loco’s have very different stories.

68073 Small Coal Bunker.

This Loco was purchased about ten years ago and sat in its box for about four years before I plucked up enough courage to strip off its lacquer. This Loco came in a brass finish and needed dismantling and cleaning before spraying. I used a Badger ‘grit’ airbrush and spent a lot of time getting all lacquer off – a very dirty job.

It was then undercoated (2 layers) and top coated (2 layers). The transfers were mostly HMRS and Fox. It was then left in the box again until last week when the second J94 arrived after an Ebay purchase.

68023 Extended Coal Bunker

This Loco arrived last week in ‘new’ condition, pre-painted by Bachmann and ready for transfers, see previous post.


After doing the transfers on 68023, I retrieved 68073 from storage so that they could be weathered at the same time. I decided that I wanted a relatively light body weathering with the chassis just a bit dirtier. Both Loco’s are what I call ‘misted’ on the body.