Three Jinty’s BR Midland or are they?

There is no doubt about it that the dear old Jinty is as about as Midland as you can get, but by picking the right numbers you can pick Loco’s that spent long periods of time on other Regions of BR in the 50’s.

I find research a big part of this hobby and thoroughly enjoy it. Finding out all details of a certain Loco can be easy at times, but it can also be frustrating, after all we have to rely on info that is now over 70 years old, and there are conflicts. I try to confirm all info in at least two different books or internet info.

47480 (push-pull)

I had to renumber and letter this Loco as Dapol have not done a BR example yet – it ended up being a partial repaint, but it is something a bit different. This Loco along with a few other Push/Pull fitted Locos spent most of the 50’s on the Western Region, although it did return to the Midland Region in the late 50’s until withdrawn. This means with careful planning it can run on two different Regions on my Shed layout. It was based at  87K  while on the WR.


This Loco was an Eastern Region Loco during most of the 50’s being based on the old LTS line for a time, 33A mainly, but it also spent time at 35A,B and C as well as 34E. In the late 50’s it was transferred  back to the Midland Region. Again it can appear on my Shed layout on two different Regions.


This is a pure Scottish engine and spent all of the 50’s at 67A. Sadly this was also a quite early withdrawal, going in 1959.


I have three Loco, but I can run different eras or Regions. The Loco’s have just been weathered in my ‘return to weathering batch’  Two are Light Bodies (Dusting) and Medium Chassis, the other, the push -pull Loco is Medium overall.

One further little comment, most Sheds had a predominance of one type of Loco allocated, but at Exhibitions you regularly see 10 Loco’s or so, all different types – not really prototypical. With the likes of Dapol and other now producing reasonably priced Models in O Gauge, why not have a small batch of one type of Loco.