Heljan Class 33 Weathering !

I think the title is a bit misleading, it is more a re-weathering. I purchased a factory weathered Loco that was going to be the base model for a Loco that was always one of my favorites. The re-numbering certainly was not easy due to being already weathered. I have to say that the factory weathering was about what I expected and left a lot to be desired, I was especially a bit doubtful about the ‘faded blue’ as it was just too perfect and even.

I decided to have a go at re-weathering it over the top of the original factory weathering. Special attention would be given to the Roof and Exhaust, and the Bogies which were a one colour splurge.

I have tried to make the colours more variable across the Loco and tried to dull down most of the Blue with misting and wash and wipe. I don’t think the prototype was ever as dirty as this but needs must!

Well here are the results, I feel it is an improvement, but I am still likely to have another attempt later.