BNSF Locos for new layout.

These are the four Loco’s that I have had for many years and my new purchase. They are photographed on my photo plank as opposed to the layout and they will all be weathered or re-weathered as necessary, they will also receive a little detailing.

1/ Athearn SW1000 no. 3637 – Full BNSF Livery

Walthers GP70 No. 3820 – Full BNSF Livery

Walthers GP70 No. 1600 – Full BNSF livery

The three loco’s above will be the main movers on the new layout because of their smaller size. The two Locos below will appear on the layout, but due to their size being much larger, they will be rarer visitors.

Athearn Dash 9-44CW No. 681 – War Bonnet livery ex Santa Fe now BNSF Lettering.

KATO – SD 70 Mac -No. 9615 BN Executive Livery

All Locos will have their front and rear air pipes etc. added, as below.