37402 in O Gauge

Here is a Heljan Class 37/4 in Large Logo, but unlike the two recently posted loco’s, this one requires a lot of work. The below list is a worksheet on what I intend to do to bring it to the current (2021) condition. I will also list the jobs that will not be carried out, mainly because I may backdate the loco to an earlier era at a later date.

Jobs to be done.

Add Cant Rail Stripes— Add Nameplate ‘Stephen Middlemore’— Add Large Scotty Dog — Add latest O/H Flashes—

Add Loco Number — Add Full Detailing Pack— Add DRS Multiple Working Socket—

Add Snow Ploughs — Light Weathering—

Jobs that will not be done.

I will not be filling in the window on the bodyside — I will not be doing any amendments to the bogies — I will not be turning the tail lights into the later LED versions

I will do further photographs when this loco is finished.