DRS 37422 in O Gauge

This Loco started life as the Heljan DRS Blue offering with no numbers symbols or anything. Once I decided to do this Loco it took a lot of research on the Internet and my own photos. While staying in East Anglia for the RHTT and Plough duties it gained a few embellishments. I have tried to incorporate them all and consider it is as running at present (14/3/21).

The Loco now has all its previous numbers and its current number all displayed, it has a very small BR emblem, a black head code box and a Cockney Sparrow, as used in the 1980’s and beyond.

I am trying to produce a DRS Coupling Socket along with Graham M, as I feel the Heljan transfer example is very weak. The other thing that needs addressing is the lack of lamp brackets on the nose, Heljan saw fit to only put one on the RH side and have given none in the spares pack – this severely hinders doing your favourite Loco. Sadly this is the same on all liveries in the second batch of 37/4’s. 37422 is three per end, LH, RH and centre top !!

The Loco is still to be varnished and weathered.