Work on N Gauge Layout (3/8)

Things progress at a good rate on the layout. All the cork and polystyrene is now laid and board one has had the Polyfilla added to the edges of the cork.

The river and two ponds have been formed, the road is laid including a little junction on board two. Board two still needs some Polyfilla added to the edges and the basics for the level crossing need adding.

I have tried to keep all materials as light as possible and the use of heavier materials is kept to a minimum. Based on this I decided to seek an alternative to putting plaster bandage on the polystyrene and tested a few alternatives, in the end I tried EVO-STICK General Purpose PVA, this product is used for sealing, priming and bonding, I brushed it on and left it overnight, I checked it this morning and it worked well with one coat, although I may do two coats to be sure.

The next job will be to smooth the Polyfilla down and give the whole lot a coat of various coloured emulsions.