Heljan Class 31 (refurbished)

At long last the refurbished Class 31’s that I ordered nearly a year ago have arrived. After being very critical of the last original batch of 31’s, I feel that I ought to just say how I find their latest offering.

Firstly the packaging has been upgraded to a much higher standard and it worked very well, no damage to any of my three arrivals today.

As usual the livery application is superb as you would expect from such a high value item. The 31/1’s do not have a headlight, but have a radio pod as an add on extra, there is also a pair of etched toughened drivers window surrounds. The 31/4 does have a headlight and also has the little extra bag as well. Neither class come with Snowploughs, which is fine for the 31/4’s but several 31/1’s were fitted.

Now to search my files to find suitable numbers for each.