Heljan 31’s (Refurb) 2nd Batch

My second batch of two 31’s arrived today. After they were unpacked and tested I started to research appropriate numbers for each livery. This may sound an easy job, but the prototype changed in many ways and there are many mistakes that can be made. The only true way to complete a accurate model is to have photographs of each side and end in your chosen livery. Some of the differences are:-

Headlight fitting and position.

Bodyside Grill reversal.

Reinforced Drivers front window.

Radio roof Pod fitment

Roof Fan grill cowl

Snowplough fitment

After much research and help from friends, the below are my number choices:-

Red Stripe Railfreight —– 31219

Blue with orange cant—– 31442

I/City Mainline————-31407

3T Grey Construction——31155


I will recheck these before starting the numbering process.

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