O gauge SR Atlantic re-work

This is the last and most difficult re-work of the six cheap locos I purchased. The first four were reasonably easy to repair, this one had obviously been dropped from a height and needed a lot of TLC. This was a complete strip down and a big re-solder and glue session, lots of filing and rubbing down and then a complete repaint, lining and numbering. Because of the state of the Loco I did not put any money into the project and leftover bits and pieces from previous projects were used. This meant that there was a few things that had to be omitted, like some lining.

If you remember, I traded the sixth loco for some electrical services off group member Graham, this has still to happen on this Loco.

Considering I was contemplating binning this Loco, I am relatively happy with the result, although close scrutiny is not recommended. I will weather it later to try and hide more suspect bits, but it will always be a ‘at the back’ on the steam shed.