Dapol Mk1’s -weathered in O Gauge.

This is the third batch of Dapol Mk1’s I have weathered – that’s over 20 coaches in total. This time they are the BR Crimson and Cream variety. I have to say that these are the best Mk1’s ever made – seriously better than those that came before.

All coaches were re-numbered using HMRS Transfers.

The work I carried out was as follows:-

1/ I put dilute matt black in all door creases and then wiped off any excess with a cotton bud.

2/ I did a wash and wipe on the roof to highlight the vents etc.

3/ I hand painted all the wheel rims with a matt black and brown mix.

4/ I masked all windows to avoid overspray.

5/ Out with the airbrush and attacked the sole bar, bogies, under chassis and buffers – I used three different colours, Frame Dirt, Brake Dust and Matt Black.

6/ I then dry brushed a dark rust on all springs to highlight.