OO Layout named and more work

Ian T has decided to name his OO layout ‘Bowford’ after a combination of two places he has lived. I have now finished the Platform Edging and gluing the track down permanently. I have managed to get another siding into the goods yard, that’s makes four in total and should give much more shunting opportunities. I am awaiting the plasticard for the tops of the platforms, but the next job will be the electrics, four isolating sections and the control through a DPDT switch that changes between two feeds. The track over the baseboard join have been cut and this will be joined by a 10 way electric plug.

It looks like I will need to turn the station building into half relief as in its current form it will not fit and when put on a Peco platform – the canopy is to low and fouls the coaches. I have to say that I am not that impressed with some of the resin buildings – for example the cattle dock has no way to bring cows down to ground level unlike the Ratio kit I have used in the past. I have already taken the razor saw to make the level crossing and the weigh bridge more acceptable for placement on the layout. The yard crane on a platform also seems very contrived and not realistic.