Whitwell & Reepham Gala Demo

Over the weekend of the Gala Graham and Shaun did both days and were joined by John and Charlie with their Layout Grubb Lane on Sunday. Shaun had his large collection of O Gauge models on view, this included some scratch and kit built items. Graham was showing items that he had 3D printed, both in O Gauge and in SM32. Again the photos were taken by my wife.

Peckett E Class

I purchased this Loco as an addition to my Industrial Fleet, however it did not turn out that way. While I was reading the information and history included in the box I saw that the GWR had a few of these Locos for Dock Shunting. That was it, I changed my plans and it became a BR(W) Loco. I have now converted the Loco with the extra parts within the box and given it a light weathering.

Scottish Caly Pug 0-4-0 ST

This is the last of my Scottish Tank Engines that I have recently refurbished and repainted, detailed and weathered.

I have six Loco’s ready now and waiting for completion of my Station Layout that I started over four years ago. These will form my Scottish based era of 1952-55.

The full list is:-

D40 – K1/1 – J83 – N17 – Caly Pug – Jinty.

Scottish N15 Tank

Here is another Scottish Tank I purchased about five years ago. It needed quite a lot of work which I have only just got around to. This was another partial repaint, added detail and weathering. I am becoming used to this type of project and I love doing them, but must hasten to add they must be originally purchased at the lowest possible price.

Scottish J83 O-6-0T

This is my latest reconditioning job, I purchased this Loco over five years ago in a bit of a state paint wise, although it was a good runner with a good motor and multistage gearbox.

I stripped all the blistered and runny paintwork and did a partial repaint, I then put new BR logos and numbers on. Finally I gave it a medium weathering to blend all the reconditioned work.

Note this loco had a lengthened Cab bottom footstep and an extra handrail so that shunters could ride on the loco, I believe this was quite common on Scottish shunting Locos.