OO – B17/6 and O Gauge 03 Match Truck.

This is just a taster really as both of these will be weathered when the varnish is dry in about three days.

The B17/6 is a rename and renumber of a Hornby model, It has been fully detailed and had a Westinghouse brake added. Again I would add that research is a must when wanting to change the identity of a Loco.

The O gauge match truck is based on a Dapol Conflat A, Just resprayed and lettered, plus the addition of air pipes. This type of match truck was used around the North East of England but not in East Anglia who tended to convert Shock Wagon Chassis.

Class 31 and two Class 122

This is the final part of my latest batch of weathering. These are all for our group member Shaun and are to a light to medium Standard.

Weathering the Class 122’s is quite a long job as you can not use the wash and wipe method due to the amount of windows on a DMU. I carefully run the dilute matt black into all the door creases ensuring that none got anywhere near the windows, I then used a cotton bud with a little white spirit to clean up the overspill, again being very careful with the windows.

37418 in Large Logo

This is another recent arrival. It was already named and numbered, but was in as new condition. The Loco had already been very lightly weathered to a good standard.

After doing some research I found that the Inverness Depot did some little tweaks to the Large Logo livery in the late eighties. The nose grilles were painted black, the head codes were also painted black. The Highland Stag was added earlier, but strangely enough the Loco did not receive the usual orange cant rail stripe at this time.

I have re-weathered the Loco to a light – medium standard that was more akin to its late eighties condition.

Speedlink 37079 Medite

This is a recent purchase and it has to be said it was a bit of a lemon! The reason I purchased it was that it was heavily modified and I wanted a close look at how this was achieved. The modifications were as follows:-

Buffer beam modified to ‘cut away’ example.

Twin Fuel Tank Modifications.

Roof Grilles with extra strengtheners.

Body Foot Steps modified.

Front Nose Doors changed to Welded Sheet.

Front Nose Headlight Fitted.

Full repaint to a very good standard.

Nose aerial.


Buffers Glued Solid

Wheels/Gears very worn.

Buffer Beam pipes damaged or missing.

Bogie Frames glued on/hindering access.

All Pick-ups in a filthy condition causing problems.

Missing body to chassis screws.

One light not working.

After much thought I decided to keep my purchase and give the Loco a good spring clean and add all missing bits. I then weathered it to a light to medium standard to hide a few little blemishes. I still have to address the Stuck buffers and the gear problem, but I have some spares gears.

Anyway here are the results so far.

Class 33 Snowplough fitting.

Today I have fitted most of my Class 33’s with snowploughs. I researched each loco to ensure it was carrying ploughs in the exact condition I am modelling them in. The only Loco that will remain without ploughs will be 33035 in NSE as I can not trace a photo of it in my modelled condition. Anyway leaving one without ploughs just gives that different look.

33050 and 33002 still to be weathered, and no plough 33035.