And the next project is………….

After much thought and the need to do something a bit different, not another Diesel Depot, as I have said before! I have decided to make a OO Small Terminus Station that has been rationalised to a basic formation, run by mainly DMU’s

There will be three tracks, two with platform facings on a single platform and a storage siding – nothing else. The layout will be 11ft long overall with an approximate 6ft scenic section and a 5ft fiddle yard, the width is 15 inches.  At the moment I don’t think I even need a run-around

I  worked out what trains I wanted to run, and then matched the size of layout needed:-

1 Car DMU —- 2 Car DMU — 3 Car DMU

RHTT (Two Loco’s and two Wagons)

Test Train (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

2 Car Tram (Weed Killer)

Small topped and tailed Engineers Trains.

DMU Substitute (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

I want to run various era Modern Trains from approx. 1985 – to date. A few long-lived first generation DMU’s may appear, but generally they will be after the BR ‘sell off’ and therefore company trains. I will have at least three DMU’s for Company/Era filled out with other trains listed above.

I still have a few dilemmas about what track to use, but it will be DC as I could not afford the cost of putting sound in over thirty items, and see no advantage in DCC without sound as I only need three isolating sections on the scenic section.

Below are photo’s of the layout, fiddle yard and fiddle yard adjustable stand.

IMG_6646 (2)











Photo’s taken at various times during construction.



SM32 WW1 Old Barn re-gauging

Just when you thought you have finished another job comes along. Even although I made the height of the old barn to scale plus an extra mm or two, it’s not until you actually test the tallest piece of rolling stock that you find models can differ from scale.

Anyway the height had to be increased by 5mm, I decided to increase the height by 9mm, just to be on the ‘safe-side’.This is because 9mm fitted in with the stone brick formations.

I have also amended the barn side on the viewing side to hopefully enhance the viewing. I had to cut and rejoin five pieces of the remaining embossed plastic as supplies were very low and I did not want to buy another whole sheet – strangely, it worked out fine!